Selling on ASCIA

Please fulfill your orders quickly and respond to customers messages promptly this keeps customers happy and is good business practice

ASCIA recommend the items are shipped via a tracked and insured services to protect both you and the customer

Vendors must comply with the UK distant selling regulations

Vendors are responsible for their own TAX compliance

Requested Payments will only be released once the order is marked complete or delivery is confirmed. (Minimum payment value is £20.00)

ASCIA does not endorse limit or restrict any items that are listed by independent Vendors, with the exception of items that maybe defined as unsavory, illegal or offensive and these are prohibited from being listed. Vendors who do not respect this policy will have there account suspended or even removed.

Buying on ASCIA

You are buying from am independent Vendor and your contractual relationship is with them

ASCAI will only intervene if the Vendor is unable to assist you with your order query

Need help?

Contact us at resolutions@ascia.co.uk if you need us to step in or help you with questions related to orders/listings .

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